Fundamental recap: the latest news wires for the N. American session so far

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Published: 2/15/2018 1:43:00 PM

In terms of correlations, the markets have been somewhat out of synch this month. 

The US dollar's relationship with yield differentials, i.e., the spread between us treasury yields and bunds widening, one would be expecting to see flows to the us and the dollar, (more money to be made from moving money to the us from Europe), but we have seen quite the opposite in 2018 so far. Markets are also keeping an ear to the ground for geopolitical developments and the latest from the white house, Brexit, oil and central banks.

The spectre of inflation is haunting markets - Rabobank

US Dollar anaemic below 89.00

Here are a number of headlines that have been flowing in since the European/North American session handover gathered from Live Squawk:

Central banks:

Norges bank’s Olsen: Norway's central bank may hike its key policy rate in 2018

Rtrs sources: Swedish central banker set for renewed term at Riksbank, formal decision likely Friday

Brexit headlines

Data headlines

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